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In 2007 while attending a trade show in Toronto, Martin Schuurman became aware that there was a demand for a low cost decorative grilles. He had been working and owner of Tool and Mold Factory since 1979. He set out to design, produce, and provide a reasonably priced product that will enhance the appearance of your home. He has developed a very durable plastic molded grille, finished white in color, that can be painted to match the décor in your home. You no longer have to hide that Cold air return behind furniture or spend a lot of cash to cover your HVAC openings. He has produced 15 different grilles for Wall Mount and Base Board openings. SMI Ventilation Products currently has two styles to choose from, a Contemporary and Victorian. While you enjoy browsing through our photo gallery, think about how SMI Ventilation Products will enhance the beauty of your home.